Pithy Sayings II

In no particular order, the second set of my pithy sayings follow.

8. You have to take the salt with the sugar. No job, no city, no relationship exists in perfection. More sugar than salt? Keep it and give thanks. More salt than sugar? Excise and move on.

9. Nothing is wasted in God’s economy. Grace. No mistake, no heartbreak, no shortcoming exists that God cannot work for good.

10. Keep your head in the boat. Race your own race. I actually lost a race in college once because I would not stop worrying about the boat next to me. Worrying about my colleagues or what others are accomplishing in life does me no favor.

11. How bad do you want it? Bad grammar aside, I asked myself this question when I rowed, edited proposals for the eleventh round, or any other time it took a big push to get the outcome I set my heart on. Sometimes good enough is enough, and sometimes only excellence will do.

12. The hard is what makes it great. When he realizes she decided to quit, Tom Hanks’ character admonishes Geena Davis’ Dottie in A League of Their Own. Remember this when your “it” just gets too hard.

13. We learn by doing. Capt. Kirk gave bookish Vulcan Lt. Saavik this sage advice when she struggled with the difficult concept of humor. We take on something new and we make mistakes. So get out there, do, and learn.

14. I don’t believe in a no-win scenario. (Capt. Kirk, again) More than any other season in my life, the past 18 months handed me one blow after another. Either my circumstances define me and shut me down, or I reframe my circumstances and call it a win. A win it is.

What is your self-talk?


  1. Sometimes I wonder about self talk – remember my patent? I herd a voice. It was not me – but it was definitely right. I still would like to tell you about it. To bad you went home.


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