studyhabits.net is a compilation of my experiences in finding the joy in learning. After seven years in sales, the last five as a specialty pharmaceutical representative, I went back for a second master’s degree and this time in petroleum engineering. What an adventure! From there I went to work full time and started my Ph.D. full time in geological engineering. My industry hit hard times in 2015 and I lost my job, so I moved from ND to SD and am finishing up as I blog.

Then I found out that I need a bachelor’s degree to get my Professional Engineer license, so I figured, why not? At present, I am commuting back and forth between Montana and South Dakota to finish two degrees in two different disciplines at the same time.

What wisdom there may be in my posts comes from good judgment… which most likely came from bad judgment (paraphrasing Will Rogers). The advice I post is the same advice I give to students who increasingly ask for my help.

Take what you like and ditch the rest.