An Introduction

I am not a professional student. However, since exiting high school most of my jobs (and two separate careers) have been in support of various academic adventures. I was not a good student in high school. By that, I mean I did not have good study habits. My grades were fine and I was involved in so many extracurricular activities that the Dean of Women did not want to let me graduate my senior year. The principal interceded and I walked.

On Monday, I was admitted to candidacy for my PhD in Geological Engineering. Twenty years ago I would have laughed in the face of anyone suggesting such a future. Five years ago, same thing. My bachelor’s degree was in business administration with minors in international relations and Norwegian. From there, I studied sustainable development while on scholarship in Oslo, Norway. Shortly after that, I completed my first master’s degree, theological studies. My second master’s degree, petroleum engineering, came after a radical career change. Now, I am still a little shell shocked that a group of PhDs determined my research to be relevant, novel and doable. And that I am the person to get it done.

This blog (very much outside my comfort zone) is for those high school and college students who know they are (a) reasonably intelligent and (b) not willing to routinely employ brute force to get the grade. If you are reading this blog, you are obviously (a). I am fundamentally opposed to point (b). Tutoring other students is an income staple for me. The blog posts which follow are summaries of my experiences and techniques developed over the last two decades… mostly by doing it the wrong way or hardest way possible first.

I did not get where I am because I am a super-genius. I am willing to put in the work and am far more likely to put in the work if there is a deliciously lazy method which allows me to get my homework/studies/writing done and then get outside to play. No matter how old the student, the best reward is recess.


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